Hey, Judy here, 2024, fresh off 2 bouts of Covid and my return to theatre as Fritzi in the Kander/Ebb musical 70, Girls 70. Who else would be cast as a New York City waitress singing “Coffee In A Cardboard Cup” but me, a former Howard Johnson waitress who wrote “Which Cup?” (coffee cup) that I included on my album Balancing Act. 70 Girls 70 is a gem that had the audiences standing, applauding and cheering for Fritzi and all the other assorted characters in the cast. I even got a terrific mention in the Broadway World review:

“Judy Nazemetz is a total treasure. She has the lovable quirk and comedic dazzle of Danny DeVito, and I utterly adored her coffeeshop waitress Fritzi and her great chemistry and heartwarming camaraderie with Regan Carrington.”

So, now I’m back to writing my songs and recording them. Genres so far? A 50s song you can stroll to (who remembers “the stroll” — my sister taught me.) A hard rock song. A tune with a hula vibe. A blues number about life with a broken wrist. A Christmas polka. And, more. But this gives you a little taste of what’s to come.

Speaking of taste, my coffee’s finished brewing so I’m going to go have a cup. Dare I drink it from a cardboard cup?

I look forward to releasing the new album mid-year. I hope 2024 is starting off well for everyone and I’ll update when I have more info.