August 1, 2022

“Forget Jeanette” from “Meat Bird in Beigeville” is now #7 on the August 1st KC Cafe Radio Top 20 chart on Radio Indie Alliance!




July 26, 2022

“Meat Bird in Beigeville” on the July 23rd Roots Music Report Top 50 albums charts!

Judy 23, 2022

Diggin’ A Hole Reaps Rewards

Yes, I was gifted a brand new pair of beautiful new work gloves from jazz great Sue Raney and former major leaguer and trumpet player Carmen Fanzone, who heard my song “Diggin’ A Hole” – from my album Meat Bird in Beigeville – in my solo Hollywood Fringe Show NAZZ-MA-TAZZ at the Hudson Theatres. Yup. No more “five left gloves!” Thanks, Sue and Carmen!

July 23, 2022


Many Many Thanks to Roberto Rossi at Mystery Train, Ascolta P.N.R. FM in Italy for including “Forget Jeanette” from “Meat Bird in Beigeville” on the July 21st playlist.

From Roberto: “…a couple of days ago I played the extra-fine ‘FORGET JEANETTE’, with the remarkable accordion of David P. Jackson.”

July 22, 2022

“I’m Just Sayin'” Italy Airplay (…just sayin’)

Many Thanks to Italian Radio Station, Mystery Train, Ascolta P.N.R. FM for including “I’m Just Sayin'” from “Meat Bird in Beigeville” on the June 2nd playlist. From Roberto Rossi: “”Yes, I played with much pleasure ‘I’M JUST SAYIN’’. It’s a splendid country ballad with a fabulous pedal steel guitar played by Dean Parks…I like it so much indeed!” Thank you, Roberto.

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July 19, 2022

Top 50 Albums & Singles Charts Roots Music Report July 16th

“Meat Bird in Beigeville” on the July 16th Roots Music Report Top 50 album and singles charts!

Full Charts:

#California album

#Folk Album

Folk Song

#ContemporaryFolk Album

Contemporary Folk Song

Available on all digital platforms at

July 15, 2022

Diggin’ A Hole is #7 KC Cafe Radio

Diggin’ A Hole (Dave’s Song)” from “Meat Bird in Beigeville” is #7 on the July 18th KC Cafe Radio Top 20 chart!



More at

June 30, 2022

Heaven Gets Me!

Heaven Magazine (Netherlands) Review of Judy’s Latest Album “Meat Bird in Beigeville

Review/English Translation: A wonderful album, this. Judy Nazemetz mixes country, folk, jazz and blues with celtic influences, rap, musical, rock and there is even a guest role for Albert Lee on the ironic Let Your Gray Hair Grow Out. It’s not all bad, and Judy Nazametz has a strong, educated voice. However, I don’t really know what to do with this. It’s just too much of an unsorted mixed bag to be really good.

Review/Original Dutch Translation: Een wonderlijk album, dit. Judy Nazemetz vermengt country, folk, jazz en blues met keltische invloeden, rap, musical, rock en er is zelfs een gastrol voor Albert Lee op het ironische Let Your Grey Hair Grow Out. Slecht is het allemaal niet, en Judy Nazametz heeft een sterke, geschoolde stem. Toch weet ik niet goed wat ik hier nou mee aan moet. Het is nèt teveel een ongesorteerd allegaartje om echt goed te zijn.

Judy says: “You really get me! Meat Bird In Beigeville is an unsorted mixed bag. EXACTLY. I almost named the album My Unsorted Mixed Bag but then I figured a chicken with me in a thought bubble would be clearer. You do really get me!

Review via Hemifrån

Judy‘s Website:


June 24, 2022

Highway 61- Voce Spazio FM

Many Thanks to Italian radio station Highway 61, Voce Spazio FM, for including “Meatbird in Beigeville” on the June 15th playlist.

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February 7, 2022

Women of Substance Podcast “Love Songs”

My Love Song “My Own Personal Formula 409” is included in this episode of Love Songs for Valentines Series on Female Entrepreneur Musician & Women of Substance Radio Podcast#Podcast Episode 1340 **Listen, enjoy & share on Apple Podcasts & at!! #wosradio#femaleindieartists#unsigned#musicpodcasts#lovesongs#valentinesseries

February 4, 2022

Thank you to all of the stations who have added tracks from my latest CD “Meat Bird in Beigeville” to their playlists.From the Twin Vision Radio Report for weeks 1-3:Americana Boogie Radio (Salem, OR)CHMR (St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada)CJUM (Winnipeg, Canada)KCSB-FM 91.9 in Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA)KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio – 90.3 FM HD (Minneapolis, MN)KHNS-fm (Haines, AK)KMUD – Redwood Community Radio, Inc. (Redway, CA)KOPN 89.5 FM (Columbia, MO)KVNF Mountain Grown Public Radio (Paonia, CO)KZUM Radio 89.3 FM/HD (Lincoln, NE)WEFT Community Radio (Champaign, IL)Community Radio WERU 89.9 FM (East Orland, ME)WESU Middletown (Middletown, CT)89.3 WHFR.FM (Dearborn, MI)WLFR 91.7 FM: The Real Page of Stockton University Radio (Galloway, NJ)WMSE 91.7FM (Milwaukee, WI)WOJB Woodland Community Radio (Hayward, WI)WPKN Community Radio (Bridgeport, CT)WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio (Richmond, VA)WTCC (Springfield, MA)WWUH Radio (West Hartford, CT)

January 31, 2022

Women of Substance Podcast “Love Songs”

My song “I’m Just Sayin'” is included in this Female Entrepreneur Musician & Women of Substance Radio Podcast Kicking Off the Love Songs for Valentines Series 1337. **Listen, enjoy & share on Apple Podcasts and at!! #WOSRadio#FemaleIndieArtists#Unsigned#MusicPodcasts#LoveSongs#ValentinesSeries#JudyNazemetz#ValentinesDay2022#ValentinesDay

January 11, 2021

CHRISTMAS CHEER Is #9 On The WLFR TOP 30 for the week of 1/11/2022

From Matt Unversaw, DJ and Top 200 Music Director WLFR 91.7 FM: The Real Page of Stockton University Radio

Strange Ways Radio and the Jersey & Philly Rock Block Thursdays 4-7 pm ET on http://WWW.WLFR.FM

via Twin Vision

December 27, 2021

Many Thanks to RADIO ARIA 99.6 in Longwy, France for including “TableTop Christmas” from CHRISTMAS CHEER in this #Christmas2021 playlist.www.radioarialongwy54.com reached6Engagements–Distribution scoreBoost post

December 27, 2021

“Tabletop Christmas” from CHRISTMAS CHEER at #10 on the Dec 27th KC Cafe Radio top 10 chart on Radio Indie Alliance. https://judynazemetzmusic.com37People reached4Engagements–Distribution scoreBoost post

December 23, 2021

Many Thanks to Dutch DJ Paul van Gelder for including “Tabletop Christmas” from CHRISTMAS CHEER on these playlists:The Happy Family show Dec 12th andMuziek en toch on Dec 14th

December 22, 2021

Many Thanks to DJ Bill Revill for including “Fast Track Santa” from my EP CHRISTMAS CHEER on this playlist for Acoustic Blender – WESU FM, Middletown CT.Listen to the archive for the next 2 weeks at…/acoustic-blender…

December 20, 2021

“Tabletop Christmas” from CHRISTMAS CHEER on theRoots Music Report weekly singles charts as of December 18th, 2021!32People reached4Engagements–Distribution scoreBoost post

December 8, 2021


Show #1317 leads off with my SoCal Xmas Carol: #1317 Music by Judy Nazemetz, Cayla Brooke, Carlene Thissen, Rachel Layne, Jeannine O’Neal, Kilanin, Odella, Susan Marie Gallion, Sara-Mae Dafoe, Nancy Bryan (writers Sandy Sherman & Nancy Bryan), Faye Capers, Ed & Carol Nicodemi, Nocturnal Red

SANTA CAN’TCHA on WOS Xmas Podcast

December 3, 2021

Awesome Holiday Music to Welcome Your Weekend on #Podcast Episode 1314 by Janet Smith Elizabeth Butler Paternostro Jubilant Bridge Kim Krenik Elaine Peacock Edmond Paul Nicodemi & Carol Nicodemi Cece Box Amy Elise Naina Jinga – Music for your Soul SHEYEGIRL Donna Packard Judy Nazemetz Andy & Renee & Hard Rain **Listen, enjoy & share on Apple Podcasts & at!! #wosradio #femaleindieartists #unsigned #musicpodcasts #holidayshows

“The Hamster Didn’t Die Today” is on Spotify

November 21, 2021

Yes, Hammy lives on, ready to spin on his wheel. Listen to “The Hamster Didn’t Die Today,” my story of hamster ownership. A true Thanksgiving story.

2 Songs on WOS Spotify Playlist

November 4, 2021

Female Entrepreneur Musician & Women of Substance Radio Podcast

Good News!  My songs “Cooped Up” and “I Wanna Be A Minuteman” are included on this Female Entrepreneur Musician & Women of Substance “Music with a Conscience” Spotify playlist.

This series features music that inspires, that informs and motivates social justice.

We are thrilled to share with you this Women of Substance SPOTIFY PLAYLIST for this year’s Music With A Conscience Series — MWAC Series 2021! Enjoy listening to this playlist with about 14 hours of songs, including many songs by valued Academy members! There’s so much music with a message, that you can enjoy listening whenever & wherever you go on road trips, walks, exercise, & more!

Listen to, like & add to your Spotify library ~

#musicwithaconscience #wospodcast

2 Songs on Halloween Spotify Playlist

October 20, 2021

Judy’s songs “Cooped Up” and “I’m Lost” were chosen to be part of #MomHen #Halloween2021 Spotify playlist from Mother Hen Promotions clients and a Two Blue Roses House Concert Online guest.

With songs from Carl Cej Johnson – Judy Nazemetz – Susie Glaze – Jennifer Leonhardt – Kray Van Kirk – Bing Futch – James Kahn!

2 Songs on WOS Podcasts

September 2021

2 of Judy’s songs will be featured on the Women Of Substance “Music with a Conscience” series.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021 I WANNA BE A MINUTEMAN

Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021

Monday, September 27, 2021 COOPED UP

Monday Sept. 27, 2021