“MEAT BIRD IN BEIGEVILLE” is my full-length followup to “CHRISTMAS CHEER,” my recent holiday release. In “MEAT BIRD,” I continue my tradition of cross-pollinating genres like blues, country, folk, southern rock, hard rock, bossa, tango, sea shanty and Sondheim. Chad Watson returns as producer and arranger. Albert Lee, Christian Nesmith, Dean Parks, Dave Bernal, and Broadway’s Anthony Crivello guest on “MEAT BIRD” and Eddie Hedges engineers, harmonizes and bangs on a popcorn tin.

Subjects on “MEAT BIRD” include unrequited love, getting out when you know it’s time, a Whole Foods romance, a bird mystery, letting your roots show, and why you might deserve a punch in the nose. I’ve listed info about the songs below.

And, yes, the chicken is MEAT BIRD. And, she’s from Beigeville and, well, it’s a long story. MEAT BIRD IN BEIGEVILLE can be found on Spotify and everywhere you get your music.

Wait a second. Wouldja like an honest-to-goodness real CD? (You can’t beat the sound.) Included with every CD is a booklet with musician info about each song and all the wonderful people who inspired me or said yes when I asked. Also, there are a couple pictures of, well, me. You can’t beat that. Order below. Shipping included. (CA and LA sales tax automatically added.)

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