NAZZ-MA-TAZZ — I made ’em laugh, I made ’em cry.

OUT IN FRONT AT THE HUDSON THEATRE IN HOLLYWOOD FOR NAZZ-MA-TAZZ, showing off my brand new “Diggin’ A Hole” gloves!

We had a blast with the one and only Albert Lee, lead guitar on “Let Your Gray Grow Out” and “Fast Track Santa.”
Albert Lee, engineer Eddie Hedges, Chad Watson, producer extraordinaire and bass, guitar, trombone and mandolin player, and me during our session at Native Music Studio, Van Nuys.
Broadway’s Anthony Crivello, singing his half of the duet on “It Seems Forever Ago.”
Richard Berent played the Sondheim-esque piano track for “It Seems Forever Ago.”
Eddie, Chad and I are masked up with Steve Bauman, who plays the haunting trumpet on “Cooped Up.”
And, I’m doing my half of the duet on “It Seems Forever Ago.”
With David Jackson, accordionist on “Forget Jeanette.”